March 30, 2015

Tweet Tweet Tweet

It started when I was the lucky winner of the EQ7 Tonga Cabana Block Challenge.

I decided to use some of the beautiful Timeless Treasures fabric and a bit from my stash to make a quilt with a birdhouse theme. I designed a foundation pieced pattern on EQ7 using one of Elizabeth Hartman's quilts as inspiration and then worked out a design for my art quilt.

Then came the piecing and the addition of the bird images. The images were printed on used dryer sheets using Artist Transfer Paper (which I love to work with) and embellished with some free motion tracing. 

Charcoal linen for the background, a bit of yarn and a few beads added the finishing touches. Then I pinned and pinned the quilt sandwich

and then free motion quilted using my favourite leaf design with some birdhouses interspersed. The free motion quilted birdhouses were inspired by Lori Kennedy on her blog

And finally, my little quilt was given a name: Tweet, Tweet, Tweet - which reminds me that I haven't used my Twitter account for a few days.

'Till next time...