April 27, 2015

Birds Heading West

It was a UFO until this week.

Last June, I had fun taking Elaine Quehl's Fabric Dyeing course at Quilt Canada. The results were great... the colours vivid and the patterns interesting.

It just wouldn't be right to leave that beautiful fabric in a bin in my sewing room because it seemed daunting to cut into it. A few months later, I took scissors in hand and started cutting out the shapes for another bird quilt. (I really need to find another subject for my quilts. This is the fourth bird quilt I have made.) 

A bird sculpture that we had acquired many years ago was the inspiration. I don't know the artist's name. It has always been one of my favourite art pieces.

The UFO was pinned to my studio wall for a few months waiting for some more inspiration. It seemed a bit boring so I added some hand embroidery (French Knots, Seed Stitches, Simple Flowers) and some buttons and it was finally finished. 

"Birds Heading West"

Next time... no more birds (at least for a while)